A wild land of butteros and ancient villages, the southernmost area of Tuscany feeds on history and legends which, even today, tell of its deepest soul.

You can still find traces of a history which has sometimes been harsh, populated by people from all over who brought throbbing life to the coasts, protected by impregnable fortresses, to the hills and to that mountain suspended in the sky which still dominates over the strip of plain, reclaimed from the swamps in the 19th century, where Grosseto stands.

While the proximity to the sea helps explain the origin of the name Maremma (“mare” being the Italian for sea), it is the encounter with the land that introduces us to this territory full of charm.

A territory which is an access gate to Tuscany, possibly less well-known than other places richer in history, but probably even more atmospheric and fascinating for this very reason.

In a relatively small space, as though brought together in a skilful game played by Nature, you will find lots of different landscapes, each with their own flavours.

If Italy is a sort of summary of the world’s beauty, then Maremma is a summary of the many beauties of Italy, like a little jewel set in that great and beautiful region which is Tuscany.